dimanche 15 août 2010

Week-end at GP3R Sunday

Great week-end here at the GP3R.
Sunny day all the week-end since it was suppose to rain all the week-end but it change quickly.

Star Mazda series Alex Ardoin win for a second year the Grand-Prix!

The winner of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series was Andrew Ranger after a quick gone up spectacular. It is one 3rd consecutive years for him to get the 1st place on the podium.

Now it's time to sleep.
Good night!!

Week-end at GP3R Saturday

The Grand-Prix was great today but motor sports is not for everyone.

The NASCAR promise a excited race for sunday afternoon.
Andrew Ranger obtain the best time laps followed by JR Fitzpatrick in 2nd position on the starting grid.

Saturday night is always fully of people in downtown for the fireworks. I still stuck in the traffic after an hour when I back home.

The Nouvelliste newspaper choose my photo at the arch for the first page of Saturday.
Here is the result.


vendredi 13 août 2010

Week-End at GP3R Friday

Here we go!!
Finally at the GP3R!! I waiting this
event each year cause it's in my hometown and I can see some good friends I haven't seen in a while.

Friday morning after the photographer's meeting Phil Champoux trying again to find a good internet connexion but still comes up empty handed. Good try!!

Warm day, gaz, tire, sunburn, sunset, it was really hot day but we get a blue sky all day long and a night race was presented for the first time of the GP3R history this week-end.

lundi 17 mai 2010

Music Band Photo Shoot

Here is some of my last work with the Music Band (We Don't Fight Fair)
They are young but maybe the upcoming band in Québec who says??
Gab Bovette the drummer called me really motivated and wanted to get my service for that photo shoot.

I was really stoked to shoot that new stuff and help the young guys to realize the dream of becoming a famous rock band.


lundi 15 mars 2010

Alternative Snow Mission 2010

Hey guys,

1st time for me at the Alternative Snow Mission Rimouski Québec.

I was impress by the set-up and how Pat Trottier from Alternative take care of every one!!
The set-up was the famous rails gap from Mont Saint-Anne Québec Cover of Slash Magazine with Jonas Michilot but with a litle twist on it and a sick Spine at the botom of the hill.

So much fun there lots of pros riders and good crowd. Crazy party with We are Wolf and Block D was full of peoples for the after party.

Kevin Griffin, Gillian Andrewshenko, Ben Bilocq, Jason Dubois, Jess Kimura Marie Hucal and more.... was there for the contest and party!!

Mens Winner:
1st: Jason Dubois (Polaris RMK 800 )
2nd: Charles Reid 5000$
3rd: Frank Bourgeois 2500$
Best Trick: Charles Reid 1000$

Womens Winner:
1st: Jess Kimura 2500$
2nd: Joanie Robichaud 1000$
3rd: Magalie Dubois 500$
Best Trick: Marie Hucal 1000$


mardi 23 février 2010

Road Trip Gaspésie Qc Canada. 2.0

Hey guys!!

Day 3 in the Chic Choc Gaspésie.
70cm of fresh snow, Cliff Drop, Table Top, Big Air, Urban Drop!!
Jérémy Cloutier and Nic Brunette got shot and they are really stoked about the day!!

Now we are at the Auberge chilling with Vino and we watching the Olympic hockey game.
8-1 for Canada Yeah Right !!!


dimanche 21 février 2010

Road Trip Gaspésie Qc Canada.

Hey Guys,

Eastern Québec paradise!!
30cm of snow last night 50cm of snow until tomorow night!!
I calling that ----> Gaspésie!!!

Me and the Brothers Factory Crew Will Demers ( BF Filmer ) Jérémy Cloutier and Nick Brunette have found the paradise of powder in Québec.
Today we have built 2 backcountry Jump in a deep snow and with the blizzard we got today it was impossible to see more then 30 feet in front of us!! Can you imagine tomorow morning? Not me!! So i am in a hurry to see that!!


vendredi 12 février 2010

Blizzard in Philly!!

Hey guys,

Rome Snowboard team manager John Cavan called me last week to know if i'm in for a road trip in Philly USA.
With the snow they got last week and the blizzard they're suposed to have this week for sure i want to be part of that trip.

When we got in Philly it was completely the Blizzard and the city was empty of people. It was so crazy to see a big city like that without anybody in there except the snow plows.

We met some guys of the TUSC ( Temple University Snowboard Club ) in North Philly and partied with those guys!!
2 days passed under the snow blizzard and we found some good things to do and now we're cruising around Philly to find more spots.

Now it's the end of the trip and we have 2 things to do tomorow.
1 hit another rail and 2 drive back 8hours or so!!!


samedi 6 février 2010

Standard Films Shooting

Hey what's up what's up!!

I am now with Standard Crew since 2 weeks but with injuries and contest the crew was reduced to only 1 rider last week.

The trip begin with Raewyn Reid, Leanne Peolsie, Will Lavigne and Jason Dubois in Québec City but now after Jason Dubois broken his ribs, Leanne Pelosie and Raewyn Reid gone for the X Games only Will Lavigne stay with us to get shot.

Fortunaly Will have take the lead during the week and get some good shot with us.
Now we are trying to figure a trip somewhere and back in force with the entier crew!!


samedi 2 janvier 2010

Transworld Movie Crew in Québec

Hey Folks,

Transworld Snowboarding have chose 5 Canadian riders this year for filming with them!!
Jake Kuzyk, Mark Sollors, Phil Jacques, Greg Desjardins and Devun Walsh!

I am really happy to shoot with them for the Québec trip!! We have a good time together on the trip and have a good vibe in the crew!
Only Devun Walsh missing to this trip for the canadian rider.

I don't know how many time i will spent with the crew but for the moment it's very productive and i got a good shots from every one in the crew.