vendredi 12 février 2010

Blizzard in Philly!!

Hey guys,

Rome Snowboard team manager John Cavan called me last week to know if i'm in for a road trip in Philly USA.
With the snow they got last week and the blizzard they're suposed to have this week for sure i want to be part of that trip.

When we got in Philly it was completely the Blizzard and the city was empty of people. It was so crazy to see a big city like that without anybody in there except the snow plows.

We met some guys of the TUSC ( Temple University Snowboard Club ) in North Philly and partied with those guys!!
2 days passed under the snow blizzard and we found some good things to do and now we're cruising around Philly to find more spots.

Now it's the end of the trip and we have 2 things to do tomorow.
1 hit another rail and 2 drive back 8hours or so!!!


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Frédéric Therrien a dit…

Ya le LOVE !
classic picture :)