lundi 15 mars 2010

Alternative Snow Mission 2010

Hey guys,

1st time for me at the Alternative Snow Mission Rimouski Québec.

I was impress by the set-up and how Pat Trottier from Alternative take care of every one!!
The set-up was the famous rails gap from Mont Saint-Anne Québec Cover of Slash Magazine with Jonas Michilot but with a litle twist on it and a sick Spine at the botom of the hill.

So much fun there lots of pros riders and good crowd. Crazy party with We are Wolf and Block D was full of peoples for the after party.

Kevin Griffin, Gillian Andrewshenko, Ben Bilocq, Jason Dubois, Jess Kimura Marie Hucal and more.... was there for the contest and party!!

Mens Winner:
1st: Jason Dubois (Polaris RMK 800 )
2nd: Charles Reid 5000$
3rd: Frank Bourgeois 2500$
Best Trick: Charles Reid 1000$

Womens Winner:
1st: Jess Kimura 2500$
2nd: Joanie Robichaud 1000$
3rd: Magalie Dubois 500$
Best Trick: Marie Hucal 1000$


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