lundi 30 novembre 2009

Brothers Factory Calgary to SLC


Last week i was post my Slideshow of my road trip with BF Calgary to SLC on Snowboard Canada website.( )
Now you can see my best shots and how my trip with BF was productive and fun.

dimanche 15 novembre 2009

Surf Trip in Maine USA.


Dou you remember BILL storm in october 23?

This week-end was very similar but little bit smaller with IDA storm.

Without internet connection at the hotel it was very hard to know where is the best waves in Maine but we have drove around the spot to be sure having the best waves in the week-end.

Kennebunk was prety load of frenchies at (50%) with his 10th feets of wave so we are stay there and the guys have rip this spot during saturday morning to sunday night!!

Still here for monday we probably try to find waves at The Wall in New Hampshire.

dimanche 8 novembre 2009


Here we go for the A-H1N1 in my hometown of Trois-Rivières.
31 000 people have received the vaccine during the last week in all the Mauricie.
Children, pregnant woman and people having disorders of health passed 1st before the 2nd waves of the influenza. Lastly, the Vaccination of the population in general was preceded of a few day also.

lundi 2 novembre 2009

All Aboard The Dirtbag Express.

If you don't have buying the new issue of Snowboard Canada go buy it now!!

You really need to check out All Aboard The Dirtbag Express.

This is the Brothers Factory Road Trip around Canada and USA i have done for Snowboard Canada Magazine.
This long road trip of 3 weeks starting from Calgary to Salt Lake City Utah and gave me a lot of good shot.

This is a sick adventure to know what can happen on a road trip for a snowboard photographer.
You need to deal with many kind of situation, weather condition, stress, disadvantage....... but this is the kind of adventure that make you stronger in your life.

You can see the Brothers Factory Road Trip teaser on

dimanche 1 novembre 2009

Municipal Election of Trois-Rivières

It's always fun to cover the election for the newspaper cause you can capture some emotion and feeling in this kind of assignment. You need to be very quick in the crowd for following the mayor and trying to capture the good time.

Today i have received the assignment by Le Nouvelliste newspaper to cover the municipal election in my home town of Trois-Rivières.

Yves Levesques have received the vote for his 3rd mendat but during the compilation it was very tight with his competitor André Carle.



Last Friday i was doing a Rock Climbing shooting for the RedBull photo contest named RedBull illume.

This contest have pretty good category and the goal of this photo contest is to show to the people the spirit and creativity of shooting X-treme Sports.

If i win this contest my work will be exposed on a big luminous box in different town around the world.

Here is one of the shot i will submit for the contest.

You can follow this link for the rules and contest:

The New Cities Photo Shooting

Hey folks,

Last week i was doing a shooting with The New Cities.

The guys was pretty stoked about the result and said they want used my shot for the promo poster and maybe one for the Japan Album.

So yeah guys thank you so much and i hope to see that soon!!