dimanche 15 août 2010

Week-end at GP3R Sunday

Great week-end here at the GP3R.
Sunny day all the week-end since it was suppose to rain all the week-end but it change quickly.

Star Mazda series Alex Ardoin win for a second year the Grand-Prix!

The winner of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series was Andrew Ranger after a quick gone up spectacular. It is one 3rd consecutive years for him to get the 1st place on the podium.

Now it's time to sleep.
Good night!!

Week-end at GP3R Saturday

The Grand-Prix was great today but motor sports is not for everyone.

The NASCAR promise a excited race for sunday afternoon.
Andrew Ranger obtain the best time laps followed by JR Fitzpatrick in 2nd position on the starting grid.

Saturday night is always fully of people in downtown for the fireworks. I still stuck in the traffic after an hour when I back home.

The Nouvelliste newspaper choose my photo at the arch for the first page of Saturday.
Here is the result.


vendredi 13 août 2010

Week-End at GP3R Friday

Here we go!!
Finally at the GP3R!! I waiting this
event each year cause it's in my hometown and I can see some good friends I haven't seen in a while.

Friday morning after the photographer's meeting Phil Champoux trying again to find a good internet connexion but still comes up empty handed. Good try!!

Warm day, gaz, tire, sunburn, sunset, it was really hot day but we get a blue sky all day long and a night race was presented for the first time of the GP3R history this week-end.