dimanche 20 décembre 2009

Snowboarding Begin

Hey guys,

Snowboard begin in Québec region. Last weeks we have received 20 to 30cm of snow in Québec and it was a very good start.
I started my season of shooting with Jérémy Cloutier and after i have work on Add with some local guys!!!

This week Nic Sauvé and Frank April called me for shoot a big gap to wall ride in Québec City and it was very intense.

Nic have ROCK his Forum board in Frontside 360 Melon to Wall Ride and Frank April Frontside 360 Wall Ride.
That was a money day!! Ahahaha!!

Now i am working on Snowboard Canada Women Issue with some girls of Québec and California until 23December. I hope to have fun and good trick during this time!

Happy Holiday and enjoy Snowboarding!!!

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